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2008/10/18-21 – Big South Fork NRA Backpacking

Posted by agoodson on October 25, 2008

Travel Mates: Andy Johnson, Rich Ferris

2008.10.18 Saturday

Weather: 35 – 60 degress F.  Clear and sunny except for a brief period of clouds.

Traveling to BSFNRA we had a flat.

Hiked from Bandy Creek trailhead parking area along the John Litton Farm loop, then picked up a red blazed trail until we intersected the John Muir Trail (JMT). Shortly after getting on the JMT we met some horseback riders that were lost. We helped them  with directions and stood still as they passed on by, about 8 of them. The last horse got spooked, backed away from us tripped and fell over a log and landed on its rider. Everyone was ok. The horse eventually got back up and was fine. The riders went on their way.

We camped  a top a clif with an excellent view  of Big South Fork and the Big South Fork River. Due to the terrain we wondered if we would ever find a campsite. it was dry, but other than that perfect. Plenty of firewood, flat and a great view.

2008.10.19 Sunday

Weather: 70 – 38 Degrees F.  Sunny

Woke up to being totally socked in this morning. It all burned off in time for us to let our tents dry out a little. Kind of cool being on the cliff  and being surrounded my fog.

Hiked somewhere around 8 miles using the JMT and Laurel Creek trail a couple of side trips on horse trails, as well to get a look at the Big South Fork river. We decided to camp along the Laurel Fork Creek Trail for two nights and do a day hike up to the Twin Arches on Monday and check out Charit Creek Lodge.

I developed a nasty blister on the heel of my left foot and it has slowed me down a fair amount today. Hoepfully I can get it taped up and feeling better tomorrow.

2008.10.20 Monday

Weather: 70 – 40 Degrees F.  Clear skies all day long

We day hiked from our campsite over to Charit Creek Lodge thenon to the Twin Arches, then around to Jakes place, an old homestead, via the Twin Arches loop trail. We decided to take a horse trail  (read: gravel road) to cut a little distance off on the trip back. The whole thing  had to a 15% grade and never let up. I was bound and determined to not let Andy J. get out ahead of me though and maintained his pace all the way up the mile or so hill. 

My blister got worse and I added two more to the collection one on the right foot and an additonal one on the left.

2008.10.20 Tuesday

Weather: 30s    Clear

We awoke at 5:00am, broke camp and were on the trail by 5:40am. We hiked most of the way out in the dark, arriving back at the car at 7:00am. A little confusion on where we were when we hit a road, nothing like a compass to help you out though.

Made a quick stop in Jamestown, TN to purchase a new tire to replace the one that was blown out. Then stopped outside of Crossville, TN at the “Coffee Time” cafe for breakfast. Excellent place.


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