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2008.11.16 Warner Parks

Posted by agoodson on November 17, 2008

Travel Mates: Me, Myself and I

2008.11.17 Sunday

Weather: 40 – 50 degress F.  Clear and sunny.

Warner Parks – Nashville, TN

Cane Connector Trail 1 mile – Warner Woods Loop 4.5 miles  6.5 miles Total

I had run in the parks earlier this morning and just didn’t get enough. After church I tried getting the family to go with me with no luck. Since I was by myself I decided to hike the longest trail I could find.

I started at the Nature Center so I could get a trail map. Then took the Cane Connector trail over to the other park and it eventually ran into the Warner Wood Loop Trail. I thought I had hiked this trail in its entirety before, but now I don’t believe I had. I have been on sections of it, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t done all of it. The trail covers a lot of the park and gives a you a great idea of the diversity of the park. It also gives you a good taste of what kinds of hills are in the park and that some of them are pretty steep.

It was almost 1:00 pm when I started, so this was not going to be a lonely hike. There were all kinds of people on the trail, from runners to overweight folks huffing and puffing through the hills.

Good trail.


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