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2009.05.29 Savage Gulf – Troop 624

Posted by agoodson on May 31, 2009

Travel Mates: Parker Goodson, Will Goodson. Boy Scout Troop 624: Brennan ?, Eric Duarte, Christopher Jones, Tristan Arnold, Sam Palmer                                          Troop 624 Dads: Randall Arnold, Kenny Palmer, Chris Jones

Travel Dates: 2009.05.29-31

Trails Hiked: Savage Day Loop, North Rim Trail, North Plateau Trail

Total Mileage: 16.2 miles

General Comments: Ticks were the worst I have ever seen. I have more than 10 bites on me and in a few in places I never want a tick bite again.  This is one of the great places in Middle Tennessee, a lot of variety and adventure in a relatively small area.

2009.05.29 Friday

Weather: 70 degress F.  Cloudy

Met at Bellevue Methodist Church. Left at 4:30 PM.

Made it to Savage Gulf Ranger Station around 7:30 PM. Made a stop in Mont Eagle for food. 

Set up camp at group camp site #4 near the ranger’s station. Good campsite. Boys talked a ton. Took a while to get them focused on starting a fire. Sat around the fire for a while and then everyone turned in. Will went to sleep quick. Parker and I both tossed and turned. Our cold’s kept stopping our noses up making it hard to sleep. Everyone else were talking, snoring, moving around, etc. It finally cooled down aroun 11pm and everyone got to sleep.

2009.05.30  Saturday

Weather: 55 – 77 Degrees F.  Foggy, then cleared off

Everyone got up early. We were packed and back in the parking lot by 6:30 am. Everyone got their gear together. We did some rearranging and loaning of gear to folks. Lightened some gear (several changes of clothes for a one night trip, books, extra shoes, etc). I had hoped to be on the trail by 8:00 am, expected we wouldn’t get started until 9:00 am. I was pleasantly suprised when we started hiking about 7:30 or 7:45 am. The original plan was to go from the Ranger’s Station out to Hobb’s cabin a 8.5 mile hike, after gauging everyone’s fitness and enthusiasm I decided to shorten it to only go to the Dinky Line campground which was about 3.9 miles.

We started out on the trail and it quickly became apparent that I had made a good decision on suggesting the change. People got tired very quickly, we took several breaks and in general did not make great time. We passed over some beautiful creeks on suspension bridges. Made a side trip to the Savage Falls overlook. Then we turned up the North Plateau Trail and headed for a our campsite. Parker and Eric wanted to stretch their legs some, so I let them go ahead and they took off motoring right down the trail. Will started hiking with some of the other boys and was leading them into camp when I saw them next. A proud moment. 🙂

In camp, we set up camp and ate lunch, it was only 11:00 am. We hung out for an hour or so, then decided to go on a dayhike, at least 4 of us did. Chris, Sam, Brennan, and I left for the dayhike, thinking we would hiking for a couple of hours and return. We hiked over to the North Rim Trail, then out towards Hobb’s Cabin, our original destination. At some point we decided we were close enough to continue on and check out Hobb’s cabin. We did this with very little water and no food, not a huge deal, but should have considered it. We were able to get some water from a guy with a filter at Hobb’s cabin which lifted the spirit of the boys some. Hobb’s cabin was anticlimatic for the boys so we headed back pretty quickly.  The return trip went much faster, we didn’t stop as much and made quick stops when we did.  At the last water crossing I filled up a water bucket I had brought along and carried it the last .8 mile to the campsite, everyone was happy to see it. So much so, that Randall Arnold had to go fill it up again. Thanks Randall!!

The boys and Dads that stayed behind had kept themselves busy with playing and gathering firewood. They also had gotten a little worried about us since we had said we would be gone a few hours and were gone around 6 hours. They had already started a fire, so we stoked it back up. Everyone was getting hungry so we started cooking. Three stoves between 10 people. It actually worked out pretty well. We had everything from your standard freeze dried backpacking dinner to canned chili. Ramen noodles, Mac and Cheese and MREs represented as well. After dinner? Marshmallows, of course.  I’m not sure what time we went to bed, but it was pretty early and it didn’t take long at all for everyone to drift off to sleep.

Good day.

2009.05.31 Sunday

Weather: 59 – 85 Degrees F.  Clear skies all day long

The plan was to get up at 5:10 am or something like that. No one bothered though. I think everyone was sleeping too good, I know I was. Parker, Will and I stayed in our tent as long as we could, then broke down our gear and got packed for the trip out.  The trip out was pretty uneventful and very quick. Most of the boys were ready to get out of the forest and back to civilization. They hiked fast and took short breaks even wanting to forego some of them. 

We made a stop at McDonald’s in Mont Eagle for a post hike meal and then hauled butt back to Nashvegas. Glad to be home once again.



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2008.11.16 Warner Parks

Posted by agoodson on November 17, 2008

Travel Mates: Me, Myself and I

2008.11.17 Sunday

Weather: 40 – 50 degress F.  Clear and sunny.

Warner Parks – Nashville, TN

Cane Connector Trail 1 mile – Warner Woods Loop 4.5 miles  6.5 miles Total

I had run in the parks earlier this morning and just didn’t get enough. After church I tried getting the family to go with me with no luck. Since I was by myself I decided to hike the longest trail I could find.

I started at the Nature Center so I could get a trail map. Then took the Cane Connector trail over to the other park and it eventually ran into the Warner Wood Loop Trail. I thought I had hiked this trail in its entirety before, but now I don’t believe I had. I have been on sections of it, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t done all of it. The trail covers a lot of the park and gives a you a great idea of the diversity of the park. It also gives you a good taste of what kinds of hills are in the park and that some of them are pretty steep.

It was almost 1:00 pm when I started, so this was not going to be a lonely hike. There were all kinds of people on the trail, from runners to overweight folks huffing and puffing through the hills.

Good trail.

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2008/10/18-21 – Big South Fork NRA Backpacking

Posted by agoodson on October 25, 2008

Travel Mates: Andy Johnson, Rich Ferris

2008.10.18 Saturday

Weather: 35 – 60 degress F.  Clear and sunny except for a brief period of clouds.

Traveling to BSFNRA we had a flat.

Hiked from Bandy Creek trailhead parking area along the John Litton Farm loop, then picked up a red blazed trail until we intersected the John Muir Trail (JMT). Shortly after getting on the JMT we met some horseback riders that were lost. We helped them  with directions and stood still as they passed on by, about 8 of them. The last horse got spooked, backed away from us tripped and fell over a log and landed on its rider. Everyone was ok. The horse eventually got back up and was fine. The riders went on their way.

We camped  a top a clif with an excellent view  of Big South Fork and the Big South Fork River. Due to the terrain we wondered if we would ever find a campsite. it was dry, but other than that perfect. Plenty of firewood, flat and a great view.

2008.10.19 Sunday

Weather: 70 – 38 Degrees F.  Sunny

Woke up to being totally socked in this morning. It all burned off in time for us to let our tents dry out a little. Kind of cool being on the cliff  and being surrounded my fog.

Hiked somewhere around 8 miles using the JMT and Laurel Creek trail a couple of side trips on horse trails, as well to get a look at the Big South Fork river. We decided to camp along the Laurel Fork Creek Trail for two nights and do a day hike up to the Twin Arches on Monday and check out Charit Creek Lodge.

I developed a nasty blister on the heel of my left foot and it has slowed me down a fair amount today. Hoepfully I can get it taped up and feeling better tomorrow.

2008.10.20 Monday

Weather: 70 – 40 Degrees F.  Clear skies all day long

We day hiked from our campsite over to Charit Creek Lodge thenon to the Twin Arches, then around to Jakes place, an old homestead, via the Twin Arches loop trail. We decided to take a horse trail  (read: gravel road) to cut a little distance off on the trip back. The whole thing  had to a 15% grade and never let up. I was bound and determined to not let Andy J. get out ahead of me though and maintained his pace all the way up the mile or so hill. 

My blister got worse and I added two more to the collection one on the right foot and an additonal one on the left.

2008.10.20 Tuesday

Weather: 30s    Clear

We awoke at 5:00am, broke camp and were on the trail by 5:40am. We hiked most of the way out in the dark, arriving back at the car at 7:00am. A little confusion on where we were when we hit a road, nothing like a compass to help you out though.

Made a quick stop in Jamestown, TN to purchase a new tire to replace the one that was blown out. Then stopped outside of Crossville, TN at the “Coffee Time” cafe for breakfast. Excellent place.

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Seeing what we can…

Posted by agoodson on October 24, 2008

This blog will be to chronicle my and my families travels, be them big or be them small. I hope that you find them interesting, but if you don’t, well…..I could care less. This is for me and them.

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